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Safety First

Safety First

Safety is at the heart of everything we do.

The health and wellbeing of people is paramount; that goes for  our customers, communities, and our Waste Management personnel.  We have a Zero Harm policy, which aims for an injury and incident free workplace. We do all we can to make sure that when our people leave work at the end of the day, they’ve suffered no harm.
Everyone at Waste Management has a personal commitment to safety, so we never stop asking, ‘is it safe?’  

SLAM to be safe.
How does that look in practice?  We SLAM. Stop, Look, Assess, Manage. It’s the approach we take to every task and our staff are trained to SLAM and make the right safety decisions for the circumstances.
All staff must attend our Toolbox Talks each month. These assess and review best practice safety procedures and are a forum for improving our performance through shared experiences.  
Outside of Toolbox Talks, every Waste Management branch throughout the country has a Safety Committee, which regularly reviews that branch’s own safety performance.

Not only that, every meeting involving 4 or more Waste Management staff includes a “safety minute’ at the front of every meeting, where one attendee provides a relevant safety tip or observation for the benefit of all.
This concentration on safety works; safety-related incidents have reduced by 90% in the last five years in our workplace. That’s world class.
Our focus on safety is a continual work in progress, backed by our senior management, and fully documented and rigorous company-wide management systems.

Waste Management has been certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ASNZ 4801 (Health and Safety Systems),  ACC Partnership Programme, Tertiary and ACC Fleet Management, Tertiary helping us to a superior safety, health and environmental record.

To view our safety policy, please click here.  
For more information about Waste Management’s safety credentials and robust processes, please contact us.