Living Earth helps Motutapu restoration

Posted by Super Administrator on 2017-03-15 07:44:00

Living Earth is supporting one of the largest restoration projects in the country – the restoration of Motutapu Island.

The Motutapu Restoration Project demonstrates a commitment to the natural environment and has the aspirational goal of reforesting one of the biggest islands in the gulf.

So far thousands of volunteers have dedicated their time to planting almost 1 million trees – with most of the trees grown using Living Earth growing media.

Every Aucklander who puts their garden waste into a Living Earth bin becomes part of the Living Earth cycle – producing product that helps to grow the island.

Motutapu Island is home to native plants and animals that can’t been seen anywhere else in the country, making it a unique and special asset to New Zealanders.

Living Earth was originally set up to be a waste reduction service with the aim of reducing waste going to landfill. Over the years, it has become much more than that - helping community projects to better our environment.  

We are proud to support the Motutapu Trust in the restoration of such a uniquely Kiwi island.

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