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Why join us?

At Waste Management, we’re committed to looking after our team. We want to keep them safe and well. And we want to see them grow, develop, and enjoy a rewarding, successful career. If you join us, you’ll have access to some great employee benefits, and a variety of training and development opportunities.  

Helping out with higher education

Waste Management provides financial support for employees who want to study and improve their practical skills, work performance and professional abilities. This can include the cost of tuition and textbooks as well as providing study leave. 

Our Wellness Program

Wellbeing is an integral part of Waste Management’s ongoing health and safety focus. Our wellness program includes activities throughout the year to motivate and encourage wellness in body and mind. We’ll support you to implement small changes for more energy, better focus, a healthier body and better sleep quality. 

Rewards and recognition

We believe in rewarding loyal employees who share our vision and build a career with Waste Management. As well as the financial rewards that come with career progression, we also honour and celebrate years of service through our Years of Service Program for permanent team members.

Spotter Referral Program 

The right team fit is everything! When our employees successfully refer friends or family for Waste Management roles, they can get rewarded up to $1500.

Ongoing training 

As our business evolves, we talk to our operational managers, supervisors and team members to create programs that are aligned with our business goals and the needs of the team.
As part of our commitment, we:

  • Identify every team member’s training needs for their current role

  • Develop the core skills and knowledge they will need now and in the future, to meet their own goals and our business needs 

  • Make sure they have the time and resources they need for appropriate internal or external training

  • Tailor our training to suit each person’s current knowledge, language, literacy and numeracy skills 

  • Stay accountable, making sure we track all our training and development activities 

  • Keep reviewing the effectiveness of our training and development activities, for each person and for our business.

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If your request is urgent you can call us on 0800 10 10 10.

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Thank you for your enquiry. If your request is urgent you can call us on 0800 10 10 10.

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