April invoice split across two invoices?

Invoice Query: April invoice split across two invoices?

Unfortunately, due to a technical issue with our invoicing process, services for some business customers (including front load bins, wheelie bins, recycling bins, cages, and bags) serviced after 12 April were not included in their monthly invoice.

This means customers may have received two invoices for our services during April. This will have meant two invoices in two separate emails for customers who receive invoices by email; or two invoices in one envelope for customers who receive their emails by post.

Customers who have received two invoices are asked to please pay both invoices, which cover all the services we provided to you for the month of April.

This is a one off occurrence, which has now been fixed.

We apologise for the inconvenience to these customers.

Any customers who have queries with their charges or invoices should complete our “contact us” form (click button below) and we will endeavour to respond within five business day.