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The right equipment for every requirement.

Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll find a smart, efficient and hygienic solution. From parts washers to hot tanks, Waste Management has handy machines to keep your team safe and productive and your machinery clean and maintained to operate efficiently.


Get all types of automotive and mechanical items gleaming while saving time and improving productivity throughout your business. Waste Management offer a range of industry leading partswashing machines and solutions that will cater for your needs. 

Ideal for

Removal of contaminants and debris including dirt, grime, carbon, oil, grease, metal chips, cutting fluids, mold release agents, ink, paint, and corrosion from workpieces and equipment.

Used by

  • Automotive
  • Workshops
  • Industrial repairs and manufacturing
  • Shipping and marine yards and ports
  • Farming and forestry
  • Painters
  • Solvent Sinks

    Solvent Sinks

    Ideal for automotive and mechanical workshops.

    The units use a high flash point solvent which assists with safety above 60°C. Waste Management Technical Services helps ensure the correct handling, transportation and documentation regarding the supply and removal of solvent for your Eziwash partswasher. The solvent is recycled through our solvent recovery plant.

  • Aqueous Sinks

    Aqueous Sinks

    Suited for use with smaller components and where inspection while cleaning is important.

    The manual water based partswasher delivers surface cleaning performance via a flow through brush. This allows the operator to target the cleaning power where it is needed most. The Aquawash unit is used for light to medium cleaning of parts across manufacturing and maintenance applications.

  • Turbowash


    Ideal for heavy industrial applications

    Turbowash units are powerful cleaning machines. They are water based and ensure a high quality environmental standard for your workshop cleaning. The large, heavy duty units are strong gear driven machines and ideal for heavy industrial applications that involves trucks, buses, heavy equipment and jet engines.

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