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Waste Management provides durable, hygienic bins for general, recycling, and organic waste in hospitality. Ensuring cleanliness and compliance for guests and businesses.

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Our Hospitality Services


General waste

Our robust general waste bins offer a hygienic solution for collecting refuse at its source, ensuring durability and cleanliness in disposal.

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Recycling services cover paper, cardboard, and mixed recycling. Additionally, options for plastic film and polystyrene recycling are accessible and provided.

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Organic Waste

Lidded to control odours and with tailored collection frequencies, maintaining cleanliness and compliance for your business becomes effortless.

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Got a general, cardboard or paper waste need?

Order a bin through our GOBiz platform and manage your service online.

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proud partnership

Waste Management and Hospitality New Zealand are delighted to partner, offering tailored waste solutions for the hospitality sector. Our collaboration supports sustainable practices and enhances environmental stewardship in New Zealand.