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Parts Washer

Get all types of automotive and mechanical items gleaming while saving time and improving productivity throughout your business.  Waste Management offer a range of partswashing machines and solutions that will cater for your needs.

Over the last 17 years, the design and manufacture of Waste Management's Turbowash automatic spray wash systems have been refined and improved so that they are now arguably the most efficient partswasher on the market in terms of performance, economy of operation, reliability and ease of service.

Ideal for

Removal of contaminants and debris including dirt, grime, carbon, oil, grease, metal chips, cutting fluids, mold release agents, ink, paint, and corrosion from workpieces and equipment

Used by

  • Automotive industry
  • Workshops
  • Industrial repairs and manufacturing
  • Shipping and marine yards and ports
  • Farming and forestry
  • Painting and spray painters


Cleaning Area 780mm x 470mm
Load Capacity 250kgs
Power Three phase 415volt 4 pin plug 10amp


Cleaning Area 1140mm x 630mm
Load Capacity 750kgs
Power Three phase 415volt 4 pin plug 20amp


Cleaning Area 1400mm x 660mm
Load Capacity 1000kgs
Power Three Phase 415 volt (4 pin plug) 32 AMP


Cleaning Area 1400mm x 900mm
Load Capacity 1000kgs
Power Three Phase 415 volt (4 pin plug) 32 AMP


Cleaning Area 1600mm x 1200mm
Load Capacity 2000KG
Power Three Phase 415 volt (4 pin plug) 32 AMP

Our Turbowash units are fully automatic and help increase productivity and reduce costs.
Turbowash units are powerful cleaning machines with a range of sizes to suit all types of workshops.
They are water based and ensure a high quality environmental standard for your workshop cleaning.

Turbowash features and benefits:

Increased productivity: Automatic operation
  frees staff up to work on other tasks with the
  potential to reduce costs.
Improved cleaning and protection: Parts are
  cleaned of oil, grease and grime quickly.
Improved protection: Automatic operation
  eliminates the risks involved with manual
  cleaning methods.
Fully maintained lease: WMTS offer a full
  Turbowash service where maintenance cleaning
  and waste product removal are provided.

Small / Medium Turbowash: TW1 /TW2 / TW3
These strong robust units are fully mobile, ensuring flexibility. They are ideal for automotive servicing, car
dealerships, light industrial applications and anyone using machines for manufacturing and food processing.
Large / Heavy duty Turbowash: TW4 / TW5 /TW6
Larger units are strong gear driven machines and ideal for heavy industrial applications that involves trucks,
buses, heavy equipment and jet engines.
The TW5 and TW6 have a vault door that allows for easy access when loading equipment using overhead
cranes. They have a waterproof electrical control box with electronic thermostat temperature control and a
variable wash cycle timer. There is also a seven day timer for heater elements.


Turbowasher Breakdown

1 Insulated cabinet
2 High pressure jet cleaning system
3 Lid to base is completely sealed
4 Gear driven turntable
5 Stainless steel parts shelves
6 Heating element with boil dry protection
7 Centred lid latch
8 Internal 2mm strainer basket
9 Auto water level top up.
10 Waterproof control box with cycle timerand lid lift safety switch
11 Ergonomically designed neutral lift lid with two handles
12 Heavy gauge industrial steel construction


Need to dispose of
your waste?

We understand it's not just about the thorough cleaning of your machine parts, our nationwide service also takes care of your waste fluids and removal of solvents. 


At Waste Management, we’re thinking 50 years ahead. We’re always investing in technology to get even better at managing our collection, recycling, and landfill facilities – so we can all live the way we want to.

Positively resourceful

NZ’s growing mountain of waste demands innovation. We believe everything Kiwis throw out can go on being useful. So, we sort, redirect, neutralise, and use waste in surprising ways – with powerful results.



Safety is critical to the health and wellbeing of our people, our business and our communities.  Waste and environmental services is a hazardous industry with real risks, so safety is an everyday discipline for us, and nothing less than the best practise will do. Working closely with our team, our customers and the community, we are committed to ongoing improvements.



We are committed to providing you with exceptional service. As experts in our field, we offer waste and environmental services tailored and personal to your business or home. We have been supporting and looking after New Zealanders waste for over 30 years.