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For waste material, generally collected from construction and demolition projects. Cleanfill comprises of (in isolation or in combination) dirt, cement, concrete, gravel, brick, top soil, sand, and rubble. 

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Keep it clean and useful

Unwanted waste like concrete, bricks, stones and tiles can be easily crushed, processed, and given a new lease of life on other construction projects. Waste Management’s shallow, construction-friendly skips provide a strong, easy to load solution to help you sort it on site – and keeping it clean (uncontaminated) helps you save on disposal costs, too. 



We are committed to providing you with exceptional service. As experts in our field, we offer waste and environmental services tailored and personal to your business or home. We have been supporting and looking after New Zealanders waste for over 30 years, ensuring it is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly and future focussed way possible – for a more sustainable tomorrow.


Commitment to Sustainability

For many years we have understood the critical role we play in safeguarding our future. Our sustainability strategy For Future Generations provides the foundation for our future focus on the sustainability of our company and the communities in which we operate across New Zealand.


Ideal for

Construction and demolition projects where you need a safe, responsible way to deal with bulky waste.

Used by

  • Construction industry
  • Renovation companies
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Industrial and commercial sites
  • 3M³


    Low sided skip bin

    Nominal Capacity 3m³
    length 3.3m
    Width 1.5m
    Height 0.6m
  • What can I put in my cleanfill bin?

    • Rocks
    • Broken concrete
    • Masonry blocks
    • Bricks
    • Asphalt
    • Clay
    • Sand
    • Soil
    • Ceramic tiles

    • General household waste
    • Garden and food waste
    • Asbestos and other toxic materials
    • Gas bottles
    • Tyres
    • Car or lithium batteries
    • Liquids and paint
    • Chemicals and hazardous items