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Flexibility and Convenience

A speedy solution

For DIY renovation projects, nothing beats a DIY waste solution. Quick to erect when you need them and capable of handling up to 600kg of general or demolition waste, a FlexiBin®  can make any project or clean up less daunting. 

Buy one, fill it and call us. It couldn’t be easier

Buy your FlexiBin online or find them at leading hardware stores, and you’re good to go. With versatile options of 1m, 2m and 3m when erected, you have a convenient waste solution you can pop into your car during your shopping trip. Your FlexiBin will be collected as soon as possible after you order a collection. However, due to high demand this may be up to 10 working days.

There’s a FlexiBin for Garden Waste, too

Now there’s no excuse not to tackle that garden clear-out. Keeping your garden waste in a green FlexiBin until it’s full means you don’t have to transport it. Water drains away, so there are no soggy leaf piles to deal with. And they are strong enough to capably handle the usual garden waste as well as heavier materials like soil and tree branches up to 20cm in diameter. And where possible, your suitable garden waste will get a second life as valuable compost.

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* Collection fee applies