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Our Skip Bins


Low-sided skip 3 Cubic Meters

Nominal Capacity 3m3
Length 3.3m - 3.5m
Width 1.6m - 1.7m
Height 0.6m - 0.7m
*Bin sizes vary  

High sided skip 4.5 Cubic Metres

Nominal Capacity 4.5m3
Length 3.3 – 3.6m
Width 1.5 – 1.7m
Height 0.71 – 1.5m
*Bin sizes vary  

High-sided skip 7.5 Cubic Metres

Nominal Capacity 7.5m3
Length 3.6m - 3.9m
Width 1.5m - 1.7m
Height 1.38m - 1.42m
*Bin sizes vary

High-sided skip 9 Cubic Metres

Nominal Capacity 9m3
Length 3.6m - 3.9m
Width 1.5m - 1.7m
Height 1.8m - 1.84m
*Bin sizes vary