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Midtown Transfer Station


All Refuse Transfer Stations will be open to commercial customers who are deemed an essential service and closed to the general public.

Whanganui’s Midtown Transfer Station is located at 14 Liffiton Street, Gonville, Whanganui between Allied Concrete and the Gilbertson Mitre 10 Mega store. The site is conveniently located for use by both residents and commercial enterprises.

From 1 July 2019 we are simplifying our charges at our Whanganui Refuse Transfer Station located at Liffiton Street.

Our prices have also been reviewed and will increase to reflect:

  • The increased cost of purchasing emission units as part of the New Zealand Government’s Emission Trading Scheme;
  • Increased waste disposal charges; and
  • Current operating costs and continuing investment into our waste collection network.

For more information and updated pricing please see below:


Customers are advised to carefully consider the most suitable, safe and cost effective container to be used when disposing of waste as minimum charges will be applied at the transfer station.

General House hold and Commercial waste - Ask our weighbridge staff about batteries, Oils, Asbestos, Gas cylinders, Tyres, paint, E-waste, Whiteware for the appropriate drop of points on site.

Green Waste – Please note that green waste cannot contain Flax, Phoenix Palm fronds/Cabbage tree/leaves, Stumps, Tree limbs over 100mm diameter, Vines, Gorse, Agapanthus and other noxious plants.  Netting, String/Twine/Wire, Steel poles/Stakes, Rubbish, Hard fill/Clean fill/Concrete/Rocks.

Clean Fill – Public and commercial customers are asked to ensure they separate clean fill waste from other waste materials.  Clean fill cannot contain organic material such as Wood, Trees, Branches, Weeds or Rubbish, Glass, Rubber, Plastics, Metal or Exposed Steel.

Contaminated green waste, clean fill and recycling material may have to be treated as general waste and charged accordingly or removed from site by the customer. 

Waste Management reserves the right to inspect loads and reject any waste that it deems not acceptable for this facility. 

Publicised pricing is current but may be subject to periodic review and change due to Government levies, landfill rate increases and/or increased operational costs.

Hazardous Materials

Please note that certain types of waste may not be acceptable at this facility, including, but not limited to:

Large volumes of decomposing matter, Highly odorous waste, Liquid waste, Flammable solids, Poisons, Pool chemicals, Explosives and fireworks, Agricultural residues or chemicals, Scrap motor cars, Animal by-products (skins/carcases/bones/offal), Medical waste of any nature, Firearms or

Radioactive materials.

If in doubt, please ask.

Customer Notices

Any person found disposing of unacceptable waste material at this site will be charged for the removal of that waste.

Customers enter at their own risk, no responsibility is accepted for any damage however caused.

Customers must be wearing covered shoes when on-site. 

Persons under the age of 15 years and family pets must remain in vehicles at all times. 

There is a 5km speed limit while on site.

Waste Management also reserve the right to refuse admission.

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday : 9.00am - 4.00pm
Sunday : 9.00am - 4.00pm
Closed : Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

25th April, ANZAC Day open 1pm - 4pm only



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