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Keeping it green

Your garden is looking for attention

Gardens are a labour of love. Big or small, spring, summer, autumn or winter, there is always plenty do. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubs, or doing a complete seasonal clear-out, you’ll have messy piles in the corners of your yard to deal with. These are not only an eyesore, they can quickly attract vermin and become a hazard.

No matter how green-fingered you are, there is only so much you can compost. And who wants to cart trailer loads of greenwaste or soil away in the middle of a big project?

We’re here to help

With councils becoming increasingly vigilant about what goes into general household waste, it’s important to be able to separate out your garden and organic waste and dispose of it responsibly. And when it comes to dealing with big loads from your landscaping projects and big garden overhauls, we’re the experts.

With Waste Management’s range of solutions, there is a way to safely contain, recycle or dispose of your garden waste, hassle-free.

The environment will thank you  

At Waste Management, we take recycling seriously. Did you know that almost a third of your garden and food waste can end up in landfill? That’s why we’re passionate about giving your green and organic waste streams a second life through our subsidiary, Living Earth. By doing this, we’re processing waste more efficiently and creating valuable compost for farmers and gardeners just like you.

Each year we help to create 60,000 tonnes of compost from greenwaste. Let us help you keep your garden beautiful - and give back to the environment at the same time.

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Thank you for your enquiry. If your request is urgent you can call us on 0800 10 10 10.

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