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Safe as Houses

Out of harm's way

Remodelling any part of your home is stressful and messy. Demolition and renovation waste dumped in your yard will make it even more so – and hazardous to your family, too. Maintain your household’s sanity and safety with the right waste solution to suit the scale of your project, and your available space.

A clutter-free renovation will help free up your creativity – and keep your house feeling like a home as much as possible.

Responsible renovation

Did you know that around half of all waste sent to landfill sites in New Zealand is made up of construction and demolition waste? Careful planning before you start renovation will help, considering the ‘Three R’s’: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. For example, concrete, bricks and rubble can all be collected in one bin so it can be crushed and processed to use in roading projects. Timber and plaster board can be recycled, too.

Talk to us about your project, and we’ll provide a suitable bin solution to help you separate your waste and renovate responsibly.

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