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Internet banking

Make a one-off payment

You can pay your Waste Management NZ invoice by making an online payment from your bank account.

Most banks will have Waste Management NZ pre-registered as a payee and will be able to tell you what information is required to make a payment.




1. Login to your online banking.
2. Go to ‘Pay Bill’.
3. Select Waste Management NZ Limited as the payee.


If your bank does not have Waste Management NZ set up, you’ll need to use the information below.

Payee Name: Waste Management NZ Limited
Bank Account Number: 01-0451-0097059-00
Particulars: Please enter the name on your invoice, e.g. Smith AB or Your Company’s Name
Code: : Your customer number from your invoice. This will generally start with WM or WE.

Reference: Please type your service address from your invoice
Amount: $XX.XX

Your bank may have character limits on each field for particulars, code, and reference. Please enter the requested information as far as those limits allow.




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