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Collection services information for 2020/ 2021 public holiday season: 

Scheduled collection day

Actual collection day

Friday 25 December

Collections completed Saturday 26 December

Saturday 26 December

No Change

Friday 1 January

Collections completed Saturday 2 January

Saturday 2 January

No change

Friday 29 January Collections completed Saturday 30 January
Saturday 6 February No change

Monday 8 February

Collections completed Tuesday 9 February


Immediate changes to plastic grades 3 – 7 recycling services for commercial customers in Auckland

On 6 August, Waste Management was advised by Visy Recycling NZ (“Visy”) – the company who processes Auckland’s commingled and mixed recycling – that effective immediately they will no longer accept plastic grades 3 to 7.

This is a result of ongoing volatility in the global market for recyclable materials since China implemented National Sword in 2017, followed by other countries putting restrictions on the import of certain materials.

What does it mean for you?

Effective immediately, do not place any plastic grades 3 to 7 materials into your commingled or mixed recycling bins as they will no longer be accepted for recycling by Visy.

Please place these items in your general waste bins.

If we currently offer you a service collecting separated plastic wrap made from plastic grade 4 (LDPE), or any other separated plastic waste streams, we are able to continue to process and recycle this material separately, as we have always done.

This change will not affect your collection frequency or pricing.

Contamination charges

Visy will charge additional fees for any plastics grade 3-7 received at their facility, as they now contaminate the other materials they are recycling.

To help us identify any materials which Visy will no longer accept, we will start inspecting commingled or mixed recycling bins over the coming weeks and contact you to ensure you are not placing plastics grade 3-7 materials in these bins.

From 1 October, we will charge individual businesses for any contamination we identify in their commingled or mixed recycling bins.

Some tips to avoid contamination and improve your recycling

  • Plastic bags are the biggest recycling contaminant. DO NOT put plastic bags in your commingled or mixed recycling bin.
  • Use the flyer attached to this letter to explain this change to your team.
  • Talk to your suppliers and ask them to reduce the amount of packaging and waste that you have to manage from their products.
  • Minimise or eliminate waste streams in your business where you can.
  • Speak to your Waste Management Account Manager about any materials you might be able to separate into different bins for processing and recycling.


Please note the maximum size of plastic 1 & 2 containers is 4 litres. We cannot accept anything larger than this.



Your Account Manager is here to assist if you have any questions about what materials you are able to place into your commingled or mixed recycling bin.

We will continue to update you with further developments as they are communicated to us by Visy, and apologise for the inconvenience this change will cause you.