This month we can update that we have continued consultation with key stakeholders and lodged our
application for a Private Plan Change.

Private Plan Change
The Private Plan Change was lodged earlier this month.
Auckland Council will now assess the application. If accepted, it will be publically notified.
We have requested that Council notify this at the same time as our resource consent applications, which
were lodged in May 2019.

Why is Waste Management applying for a Private Plan change?
The intention of the Private Plan Change is to recognise the landfill in the Auckland Unitary Plan (Unitary
Plan) by creating a precinct.
If this change is made, it will mean the precinct will be identified on the Unitary Plan maps for anyone to
see and also that future generations are aware from the maps that the precinct contains a landfill. The
precinct will remain subject to any Unitary Plan rules for the rural zone and additional rules that apply to
waste disposal in the precinct.

What is the process for the proposed Private Plan Change?
The Private Plan Change application will be processed by a different team at Auckland Council and will
make its way through a different set of internal Council steps before it can progress to a public notification
Like the resource consent process, the Private Plan Change involves a hearing. Waste Management has
requested that both the Private Plan Change and the resource consent should be heard at the same time,
to save time and effort for anyone who is interested in participating in the process, especially people from
the community who wish to submit.
Allowing for Council timeframes, we understand the two processes are most likely to reach Public
Notification in early 2020.

How can I find out more about the Private Plan Change?
Our team is meeting with iwi, the community and other stakeholders about the Private Plan Change. If you
would like to be part of this consultation or just learn more about the Private Plan Change process, please
email or call us to arrange a suitable time.

Email us at or call us on 0800 927 837.
If you are interested in understanding the process for the Private Plan Change, there is more information
on the Environment Guide website.

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