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Papakura Transfer Station


Description Refuse Green
Car/station wagon/ 4WD (minimum charge) - 0 to 200kg $62 $43
Trailers/vans (minimum charge) - 0 to 200 kg $62 $43
Trailers / vans (per tonne + minimum charge applies) $307 $215
Bags (black refuse bag only) (Maximum 50 Litres or 20KG) $18 $13
Polystyrene (per tonne) $3,300  
Public/ Commercial Vehicle Weight $24  
Car tyres 4x4 (per tyre) $7  
Truck (per tyre) $32  
Tractor/OTR $825  



  • Abestos
  • Dangerous goods such as; flammable liquids, flammable solids, poisons, pool chemicals, gas
  • Explosives and fireworks
  • Agricultural residues or chemicals
  • Scrap motor cars
  • Animal by-products e.g. carcasses, offal
  • Medical waste of any nature
  • Firearms
  • Radioactive materials


  • We will no longer accept cash payments on-site. Payments at the kiosk via Eftpos, MasterCard or Visa.
  • Customers must be wearing covered shoes when on-site. No bare feet/ jandals/ sandals.
  • All vehicles and trailers must weigh in.
  • We do not accept hazardous waste. A restricted waste list is available at the kiosk.
    All persons under the age of 15 years to remain in vehicles at all times.
  • We do not accept hazardous waste such as paint, thinners, waste oil, chemicals and asbestos. A restricted waste list is available at the kiosk.
  • Complete load has to be 100% Approved Garden Waste (No flax, bamboo, palm, cabbage tree and branches more than 100mm in diameter)
Transfer station details
25 Inlet Road, Takanini 2112


Day Opening hours
Monday - Saturday 8am - 4pm
Sunday  CLOSED 
National Public Holidays CLOSED