My Region / Gisborne


2021 Public Holiday Service Information

Public Holiday Collection Day
Good Friday 2 April Collections as usual
Easter Monday 5 April Collections as usual
Anzac Day 26 April Collections as usual
Queens Birthday 7 Jun Collections as usual
Labour Day 25 Oct Collections as usual


Kerbside Collections Update


  1. Only plastics 1 (PET), 2 (HDPE) and 5 (PP) will be collected at kerbside. Recycling products must be clean and free of residue.
  2. Paper should be bundled up securely and carboard stacked inside bins or excess large cardboard tied up flat (maximum of 1m x 1m) and left under bin
  3. Glass should be seperated out where possible in a separate GDC approved bin
  4. Rubbish bags should not exceed 20kgs (4x stickers) - 1 sticker for every 5kg of weight upto 20kgs


  1. Recycling and rubbish must be kerbside by 7am on your allocated collection day.
  2. Ensure all plastic and tin lids are removed and placed in your rubbish bag.
  3. All recycling must be clean with no food or drink residue in it.
  4. Please put ripped paper and reciepts inside an empty carboard box ( eg: cereal box). Loose paper tends to fly around in the street.
  5. Remember – if it has had chemicals or fuels in it, it will not be accepted.