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Tirohia development-hero
Tirohia development-hero

Meeting future needs: Proposal for Tirohia development


Waste Management currently collects waste from the surrounding region, recycling as much as we can, and safely disposing of the rest in Tirohia Landfill.

The existing landfill at Tirohia is expected to be full in the next five years.

To continue to manage and dispose of the region’s waste in an environmentally responsible way, Waste Management is proposing to build new landfill cells (the lined areas which contain the waste), within the boundaries of the land already owned by Waste Management at Tirohia.

This would mean we can continue meeting the needs of the region with no changes to operating hours or the number of trucks that are currently permitted to deliver waste to the landfill.

If the additional space for waste receipt is approved, we expect we will stop accepting waste at Tirohia between 2032 and 2035, depending on the volumes of waste received.

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Tirohia Location Map

Location of site

Key dates for the community

Tirohia key dates


Managing the environment: Modern technologies and engineering solutions

The new cells will be designed and constructed using the latest, modern engineering methodologies, with waste carefully contained and leachate captured and managed.

Waste Management uses world-leading technology which can capture more than 95% of the methane gas, converting it to electricity and transferring it to the national grid. This renewable energy will be used to power local houses and businesses, efficiently harnessing the energy component within the region’s waste.

What this might mean for local community, iwi and neighbours

Waste Management, which took over ownership of Tirohia Landfill in 2016, will operate the site using international best practice, in line with their other leading landfill sites around New Zealand.

There are some new activities that Waste Management will introduce with the proposed project.


 Community trust

In addition to the support Waste Management already gives to the community, Tirohia Landfill will establish and contribute to a local independent community trust. At other landfills we manage across New Zealand, the community trusts support a range of projects, such as community facilities or other recreational activities.


Electrical supply stability

The new cells will deliver electricity to the grid to help improve stability of local supply. This will build on what is already happening at Tirohia Landfill and will be rolled out on a larger scale for this project.


Gas supply

A constant supply of landfill gas could be used to heat nearby glasshouses, which has already proved successful at Auckland’s Redvale Landfill, or to provide energy to other local industry nearby.


Habitat enhancement

Wetlands will be constructed downstream and a number of existing waterways will be protected and enhanced by fencing and riparian planting.


End of life use

When the cells are full and we are no longer accepting waste at the site, Waste Management remains responsible for managing the property for a number of years. This could include making the land available for grazing, developing the land for public use such as open space recreation, or light commercial activities depending on planning regulations.


How can you have your say?

Waste Management has been reaching out to local iwi, Council, neighbours, the wider community and stakeholders to explain the project since September 2019.

In November 2020, the Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council publicly notified Waste Management’s application for the proposal. Members of the public can make submissions on our application by following the instructions on the following websites:

Hauraki District Council:
Waikato Regional Council:

Submissions close on Thursday 10th of December 2020.


Contact us

An email and dedicated project phone number has been established for questions and more information as the project progresses.


For questions about the proposal, please phone: 0800 113 340 or email

For general questions regarding disposing of waste at Tirohia Landfill or our day to day operations, please phone: Ivan Venter 021 834 387.