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Auckland Regional Landfill Update 18 February 2021


After several weeks of evidence and submissions from interested parties, we were able to give our closing statements at the Auckland Regional Landfill hearing at the end of January.

The commissioners are now considering all evidence, with a view to making their decision on the resource consent and private plan change for the proposed landfill.

It is expected a decision will be announced in the first half of this year, although no timeline has been confirmed by the commissioners. There will then be a period in which any submitter or Waste Management may lodge an appeal. An Auckland Council guide to resource consent appeals and objections is available HERE

On behalf of the team at Waste Management, we want to thank everyone who has been involved in the hearing process. We acknowledge and are very grateful for all the time and energy that submitters have given to the project and have appreciated the opportunity to hear a wide range of opinions. 
The feedback that we have received since our first Open Days back in 2018 and through to the end of the hearing has helped us to further develop and make amendments to our application that is now being considered by the commissioners.

Ongoing work with iwi

The Waste Management team has accepted and carefully read the cultural values assessments and submissions made on behalf of iwi during the hearing.
As Ngāti Rango has observed, partnership is key to mitigation – where Waste Management and mana whenua learn from each other. 

Without doubt, we have broadened our knowledge and understanding during this process and welcome the opportunity to further advance these learnings. 
In particular, we acknowledge the importance of Te Awa o Hōteo and Kaipara Moana. A key objective of the project has been to avoid effects on both awa and moana, while committing to enhancing the mana and mauri of all water bodies outside of the landfill and its operations.

We also acknowledge iwi’s concern about impacts on the land, the earth and the natural landscape and have committed to a no net loss, and are aiming for a net gain, in terms of terrestrial ecological values. 

The time lag since early consultation has allowed us to refine and amend the proposal to better address cultural concerns. To assist mana whenua, we have documented our review of cultural values assessments and submissions received and reflected on the evidence that was presented.
You can read our full response to the cultural effects raised HERE.

Contact us

We are not likely to issue another update until the commissioners make a decision, but as always, if you have any questions or we can help you at all with information about the proposal, please contact Waste Management on 0800 927 837 or