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Ameliah Munesi, Bin Maintainer

Ameliah Munesi, Bin Maintainer

We talk to some incredible women who make up the Waste Management whānau. In the past the waste industry was largely dominated by men, and it's wonderful to see increasing numbers of women working in every sector across our business.


What’s your job in a nutshell?

I maintain bins and equipment using preventive maintenance techniques. This includes design, interpretation of drawings, fabrication and installation. The work involves meeting health and safety standards, MIG welding, marking out, cutting and assembling components, using an angle grinder and oxyacetylene equipment, maintaining job processing information and completing all records accurately.

What do you find most challenging/ rewarding about your role?

It’s a heavy mechanical job which sometimes requires a lot of manual work. Apart from that I like the fact that it’s a challenging job which involves a lot of critical thinking and problem solving. Another rewarding thing is the satisfaction I get every day when I sign out a job, knowing that my bin is going to be used to serve the community by disposing of waste in a safe manner. It makes me proud and gives me inner satisfaction.

What are your passions outside of work?

I like fitness activities, the likes of running and cycling. I get a lot of inspiration from my husband who loves fitness activities and I have been trying to copy him. I also like going for nature walks with my family.