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Our Environment - Tō Tātau Taiao - Q2 2021

Our Environment - Tō Tātau Taiao - Q2 2021

Ko te kaupapa o te whakahaere he tiaki i tō tātau taiao ātaahua mā te whakahaere toitū i ā tātau rawa.

As an organisation, our purpose is to safeguard our beautiful environment through the sustainable management of our resources.


Goal 1: Reduce Carbon Footprint

Key Action

  1. Implement carbon footprint reduction plan to reduce our operational carbon footprint in line with our commitments.
  2. Work with our team members to help them reduce their personal carbon footprints.

Quarter 2 Update

  1. Waste Management’s operational intensity carbon footprint is currently below the 2021 10% reduction target.
  2. Staff carbon footprinting programme scheduled to run during October

Goal 2: Expand Sustainable Commitment

Key Actions

  1. Implement activities to encourage suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint.
  2. Develop & implement code of conduct & performance management framework for suppliers that explicitly includes sustainability criteria and outcomes.
  3. Develop and implement regular communication and engagement with our suppliers regarding sustainable procurement.

Quarter 2 Update

Code of Conduct has been sent out to all suppliers with e-mail contact details

Goal 3: Increase Regenerative Planting

Key Actions

Expand support for community programmes that deliver regeneration in areas where we operate.

Quarter 4 Update

Major wild pig culling underway at Tiromoana Bush beside Kate Valley Landfill and Energy Park near Christchurch to reduce impact of pigs on recent plantings.