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Peter Martin - HSEQ Partner

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Christchurch-based HSEQ Partner Peter Martin recently scored 100% in his SiteWise contractor annual assessment – which is an incredible achievement and shows how dedicated he is to making Waste Management a safe and healthy working environment for our team.

Peter talks about what working at Waste Management means to him.​​​​​​​

What do you do at Waste Management?

I have been working in the waste industry for nearly 21 years. I started in dispatch before taking up a branch management role in Timaru. When the HSE team was created in 2012, I joined as an HSE advisor, and then in 2020 I took up the opportunity to be the HSEQ partner for all solid waste businesses in the South Island.

What does it mean to get 100% in the SiteWise contractor annual assessment?

The assessment is a review of how the company Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) Systems are being used within our business against specific requirements. Achieving SiteWise Gold status with a score of 100% demonstrates to our team and customers that our systems, when implemented correctly, fully meet quality standards.

What do you love about your job?

Throughout my working life everything I have done has been different and provided variety, challenges and opportunities for development and growth. One thing that I enjoy is the diversity of the people I work with, and how we make Waste Management stronger as well as each other.  I have daily engagement with people at all levels and areas of the business. It provides me opportunities to learn from those with different skills and also support and guide others in their journey within the waste industry.

What is the biggest challenge?

No one comes to work with the intent to cause harm to themselves or others. Too often, whether in our own company or the wider community, people take risks. Sometimes it is a conscious decision to not abide by the law or follow safe work systems and processes, resulting in someone being harmed, seriously injured or killed. Only when it is too late, do people understand the value of health and safety systems and processes. Productivity must never override the need for safety and people need to stop and speak up when they are feeling unsafe or unsure of the task(s) they are to perform.

What do you wish more people knew about Waste Management?

Our core values, initiatives in sustainability and technological development are evidence of our commitment to continual improvement. Waste Management is an industry leader, and it’s down to the knowledge, skills, efforts, support and integrity of our people.