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Statement: 305 Marshs Rd

Statement- 305 Marshs Rd

Waste Management has determined to not proceed with the establishment of an industrial waste treatment plant and tyre recycling plant at 305 Marshs Road, South Hornby, alongside its existing facility at 301 Marshs Road.

With the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the company has reviewed the market demand for the additional industrial waste treatment capacity that the new facility would provide.

Economists and the government are forecasting a significant economic impact over the short, medium and long term, and slow economic growth for the medium to long term in the Canterbury region.

As such, Waste Management now considers it will be able to comfortably meet the needs of commercial and industrial customers in the region through its existing facility at Francella Street, Bromley.

In the meantime, Waste Management will continue to operate our South Island Divisional head office, recycling facilities and Christchurch Commercial and Municipal branches from the existing Marshs Rd facility, where we have operated for more than four years, and look forward to doing so over the years to come.