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Seriously safe

Waste disposal is a hazardous environment with real risks, so safety is an everyday discipline for us, and nothing less than world class practices will do.  
We implement safety initiatives across the business. Take a look at how we deliver on our Safety First policy.

Safety Stories

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What Drives Us (WDU)

An initiaitve that improved the the behaviour, training and management of our drivers and reduced spend on insurance claims by a massive 84%. Winner of the 2014 CILT (Certified Institute of Logistics and Transport)NZ award for best safety, security or environmental innovation in supply... read more.

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Waste Management wins gold on the road with ACC.

Gold Certification isn’t easily attained, it is only awarded to companies who run a fleet of more than 5 vehicles and who demonstrate the use of best practice safety management systems that allow for continuous improvement in on-road and workplace safety. The upside is both financial and... read more.

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