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Kei roto mātau i te nuinga o ngā hapori puta noa i Aotearoa e mahi ana, he tuku ratonga me te whakahere whakaurunga ratonga para, ā-taiao hoki. Mahi ai ō mātau rōpū i roto i aua hapori, e tautoko ana i te ōhanga me te tuku i ngā ratonga waiwai.

We operate over 70 sites throughout New Zealand, managing waste and providing environmental services and facilities. Our teams work within these communities, supporting the economy and providing essential services.

The KPIs in this programme reflect the feedback through the materiality assessment that our communities are wanting to make better choices, but need our help, knowledge, and expertise with making the right choices as well as providing opportunities for our staff to directly support their local community during work hours.

Our Future Focus - 2021-2025 Goals

Goals  Projects  2021 KPI  2025 KPI
Improve mutual understanding with stakeholders. Develop and implement an improved proactive engagement approach with our core stakeholders on key issues (iwi, Government and local community). The Government’s Waste Minimisation review considers the full impact of carbon. Engagement initiated with four specific iwi. 90% satisfaction score in end of year survey and stakeholder engagement plan reviewed and updated annually.
Improve community understanding of issues relating to waste. Increase our reach and engagement of the community so they understand where their
waste goes.
Create digital content on landfills and waste which achieves 100,000 click views. At least four tours at each of our landfills during 2025 (Redvale, Whitford, Tirohia and Kate Valley).
  Support education programmes around waste minimisation with New Zealand kids. Deliver an educational teaching resource on waste. Reach more than 200,000 New Zealand children by supporting targeted waste education
  Use social media to engage with wider New Zealand community beyond our customers. 20,000 followers across our social media channels and create two partnerships using social media to achieve broad reach engagement. 50,000 followers across our social media channels.
Expand engagement with our local communities. Use volunteering to increase our contribution to the communities in which we operate. Establish an annual half-day volunteering programme opportunity for every team
90% of team members volunteering for a half-day each year.
  Increase engagement with Māori and local iwi. Establish a strong marae connection for our Auckland Head Office. Establish five new Māori engagement activities.

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