Waste Management
- so much more than skips and bins.

We care passionately about keeping our communities, our people and our environment clean and above all, safe.  
But the challenge of managing our nation’s waste is not as simple as supplying skips and bins for commercial and household collections or weekend clean ups.  Effective waste disposal requires our sophisticated engineering and technical expertise to manage the waste in an environmentally responsible way.

Waste to resources.
We’re heavily focused on recycling, waste treatment and other modern safe and sustainable waste management services; 30% of what we collect is recycled and reused. We use sustainable landfill technology to store the remaining residual waste after we’ve exhausted all opportunities to recycle and reuse. You won’t see seagulls at our modern landfill sites – what you will see is electricity generation that powers homes.

We invest for our future.
Modern waste management is capital intensive. We will continue to invest heavily in future-sustainable technology, increasing our ability to recycle more waste, better manage our collection and landfill facilities, and more effectively manage the resources we take care of.
This means we’re already thinking 50 or more years in to the future, planning for the infrastructure we all need, to live the way we want to.
Enjoy life, and don’t worry, we are taking care of the waste, and our environment.


Latest News

Nov 27, 2015
Charity Ball raises over $8,000 for The Village Project

Charity Ball raises over $8,000 for The Village Project name

On Saturday 14 November Britomart in Auckland hosted a special fundraising Charity Ball in their Quay Project Space for the The Village Project.  Waste Management is proud to have been able to sponsor the event by arranging waste removal for the evening.

May 22, 2015
The team at Waste Management raises over $4000 for Nepal.

The team at Waste Management raises over $4000 for Nepal. name

When Daya Gautam, a project engineer at Redvale Landfill and also, the joint secretary of the NZ Nepal Society Inc. (NZNS), approached the team at Waste Management to help raise funds for Nepal on 27 April 2015, there was no hesitation and the team quickly responded by declaring Friday, 8 May 2015 as Nepal Day at Waste Management.

Mar 26, 2015
Upstream choices – downstream options

Upstream choices – downstream options name

Published in Auckland Today Magazine, Issue 111, March 2015

As in every sector, innovation and the desire to delight consumers, abounds. But, as we become more aware of the greenhouse effects, sustainability and recyclable opportunities, the packaging industry has to juggle cost, functionality, efficiency, logistics, end-of-life options and waste with shelf appeal and consumer trends.


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Oct 29, 2015
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