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Northland 2022 Public Holiday Service Information

Public holiday Collection day
Good Friday 15 April Collections will be made Saturday 16 April in Whangarei
Easter Monday 18 April Collections as usual
Anzac Day Monday 25 April Collections as usual
Queens Birthday Monday 6 June Collections as usual
Matariki Friday 24 June Collections as usual
Labour Day Monday 24 October Collections as usual
Christmas Day Sunday 25 December No Collections
Boxing Day Monday 26 December Collections as usual
Tuesday 27 December Collections as usual

Information for the Bay of Islands


When is my collection?


General waste

    • Bay of Islands Collections Schedule General Waste.pdf (5.6 mb)



Waste Management will only be collecting Plastic grades 1, 2 & 5. Plastic grades 3, 4, 6 & 7 are to be placed in your General Waste. Please see below guide on what can go into recycling.

What can go in your bin?

Why is this happening?

In 2018 China confirmed that it would no longer import a range of recyclable materials and that quality standards for accepted materials would increase dramatically. This included many types of plastic materials.

These changes have meant that western countries, from New Zealand and Australia to the USA and European nations, can no longer send these materials to China. Other countries have since followed China’s lead in banning or putting tight quality restrictions on what they will accept.

What does it mean?

Some materials which used to be accepted for recycling are unable to be accepted any more, as they either:

  • have been banned for export or are unable to be exported; or
  • have no manufacturer able to recycle them in New Zealand; or
  • do not meet the new quality standards.
  • mixed plastic grades 3, 4, 6 & 7 are now in this category.

Waste Management can therefore no longer accept these materials for processing.

What do you need to do?

Continue to recycle mixed coloured plastic grades 1, 2 & 5.
Always check the number on the bottom of the plastic item.
Rinse all containers as only clean material can be recycled.
Think carefully about the products they buy and whether the packaging is reusable or recyclable.

Who will collect my recycling and refuse?

Collections are user pays. The collection and disposal fee is included in the price of the BLUE pre-paid rubbish bag, tags or yearly fee for the recycling bins.
What bags do I buy? You can buy these BLUE Pre-Paid Rubbish Bags from your local supermarket, petrol station or dairy.
Where do I get my blue recycling crate from? You can order a recycling crate, and find out what services are available in your area, by emailing us at

Waste Management. Northland. Recycling crates

How do I report an issue with my kerbside collection?

Please email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

How is my recycling paid for?

A yearly subscription service is available via ordering from the WM website or phoning 0800101010 which enables your crate to be collected weekly by the recycle trucks. If you do not wish to have a weekly service you will be required to place a blue tag (available to purchase from your local retailer - please see list below) on your crate each time it is placed out to have your recycling removed.

When is my collection?

There are weekly, kerbside collections of prepaid rubbish bags and recycling bins in towns and main centres. Contact Waste Management to find out which is your collection day. Check the map (general waste here, recycling here) to find out your collection days. Not all areas have their refuse and recycling collected on the same day.

What time should I put my rubbish out?

Rubbish should go out before 7.30am on your collection day (and not before 12 noon the day prior to your collection day). Pre-paid rubbish bags can only be left outside your own property or at an approved collection point. Missed collections need to be taken to your nearest transfer station that is run by Waste Management.

Pre-paid collections Refuse:

Some residents need to leave pre-paid bags at approved collection points because Waste Management doesn’t collect from their road. The maximum weight of pre-paid bags is 13kg.

Pre-paid collections Recycling:

Recycling bins and bags need to be placed out before 7.30am on collection day. Cardboard and newspaper may be placed beside your recycling. The collection is for household amounts only – if you have large amounts such as packing boxes these need to be taken to the nearest transfer station as the trucks cannot accept them. Broken glass cannot be placed in your recycling. Check the webpage for the list of what is and isn’t accepted for recycling in your area.

We do not travel down every road of every area?

In this district you may be required to have an Account with Waste Management for collection purposes. Please contact 0800 10 10 10 to check what services are available in your area.

Annual Recycle collection for Account Customers?

For a weekly crate collection there is a yearly fee available of $70.20 this includes a Crate to the value of $15.00


Merchandise can be purchased from the stores below:

Store name
Nosh (Waipapa Four Square)
BP Kerikeri
Haruru Falls Superette
Paihia Four Square
Kingfisher Super Seven Dairy
Opua General Store
Kawakawa Hammer Hardware
V.I.P Superette
J.V.R Pricecutter Kawakawa
Kawakawa Four Square
Blue Lagoon (Moerewa Four Square)
Moerewa Foodmarket
East End Dairy Kaikohe
Kaikohe Discounter
Countdown Kaikohe
Tui Superette Kaikohe
Kaikohe Four Square
Rawene Foodmarket
Okaihau Dairy and Takeaway
Okaihau Foodmarket
Clarks Garage Maromaku
New World Kerikeri
Countdown Kerikeri
Countdown Waitangi
Countdown Paihia
BP Waipapa
Kaeo Farm and Fuel
Kaeo Four Square
BOYD Gallery Whangaroa
Whangaroa Marina
Whangaroa Game Fish Club

Transfer stations in your region

Pricing and other details
  • Whangae recycle & transfer stations

    Opening hours
    Monday - Friday
    7.30am - 5pm
    Saturday - Sunday
    9am - 5pm
    Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, New Years Day
    Transfer station details
    715 State Highway 11 (Paihia Rd), Opua Northland
    0800 10 10 10
  • Kaikohe recycle & transfer station

    Opening hours
    Monday - Friday
    7.30am - 5pm
    Saturday - Sunday
    9am - 5pm
    Christmas Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday
    Transfer station details
    79 Thorpe Rd, Kaikohe, Northland
    0800 10 10 10
  • Opononi recycle & transfer stations

    Opening hours
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    7.30am - 1pm
    Tuesday & Thursday
    Saturday - Sunday
    9am - 1pm
    Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, New Years Day
    Transfer station details
    Baker Road, Omapere - behind bowling club midway between Opononi and Omapere
    0800 10 10 10
  • White Hills recycle & transfer station

    Opening hours
    Monday - Friday
    7.30am - 5pm
    Saturday - Sunday
    9am - 5pm
    Christmas Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday
    Transfer station details
    3211 State Highway 10, Kaeo, Northland
    0800 10 10 10

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