Waste Management is proud to release our first quarterly update, focused on five specific projects identified in our sustainability strategy For Future Generations.


For Future Generations has five programme areas and 13 projects that will support achievement of our sustainability goals. We have committed to reporting our progress on these annually, but also provide these progress updates each quarter.

Five programme areas

  • Our Environment reflects a continuation of our efforts in protecting and enhancing the environment.
  • Our Communities reflects the expressed desire from our stakeholders that our communities are wanting to make better choices around waste – but they would like our help, knowledge and expertise to do this.
  • Our Customers recognises the increasing importance of waste and environmental services to our customers.
  • Our People addresses the importance of our Waste Management team in making us a sustainable company into the future.
  • Our Business reflects the essential and enduring nature of the services we provide.

Each programme area is linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring we are positively influencing achievement of these global goals as well as creating value for our business and stakeholders.

Our Environment

Drive sustainable procurement.

Our sustainable Procurement Policy has been updated and includes a new sustainability section and we now also have a new supplier performance management framework containing reporting on sustainability for the first time.

Our People

Implement wellbeing initiatives to address specific identified issues.

Waste Management’s Human Resources team has partnered with Vitality Works to identify a range of well-being initiatives and include them in our company-wide monthly toolbox talks. These talks have included topics such as how to reduce the risk of diabetes and the benefits of regular exercise.

Our Communities

Regenerating our communities

We are continuing our support for Motutapu Island in the Hauraki Gulf by providing another hundred and fifty six 40L bags of free organic compost to the Motutapu. Trust during the first quarter of 2019. This is supporting the regeneration of the island, enabling the return of native flora and fauna to the island. Learn more here.

Our Business

Reducing carbon through EV Trucks

Our first New Zealand EV Truck conversion was completed last year at our EV Innovation Hub in Auckland and work is being accelerated to convert multiple EV Trucks this year.

Since Christmas three truck chassis have been converted from diesel to electric and are awaiting body installations before joining our truck fleet.