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Media Response: Mahurangi Matters


Does Waste Management acknowledge the rahui that was placed on the Hoteo River by Ngati Whatua, and by extension the proposed landfill site?

At the time the rāhui was placed on the site, in June 2019, we were proactively consulting with multiple iwi including Ngāti Manuhiri and Ngāti Whātua. Following the rāhui placed by Mikaera Miru, we have attempted several times to meet with him and also Michelle Carmichael of Fight The Tip. They have not wished to meet with us.

In the meantime, we have continued to engage, consult and meet with iwi
representatives to discuss the project and talk through any concerns they may have.

Does Waste Management have a response to the protestors and petitioners who have asked for an alternative site for the proposed landfill?

There are many factors to consider when finding a suitable location for a landfill – taking many years of careful work by our internal and external experts.
The assessment includes:
- access to highways (to avoid disruption on minor roads through rural
- buffer distance available between the landfill and any houses
- geology, geomorphology and separation from rivers and sensitive groundwaters
- consideration of culturally sensitive and significant natural areas
- distance from Auckland and the environmental and traffic impacts of
transporting waste to a site

Combining all these criteria, our assessment is that the Wayby Valley site is the most appropriate for the proposal. Importantly, the site selected has an excellent buffer distance between the landfill any neighbours.
However, we respect the right of people to form their own opinions, and will continue to do everything we can to share information and address concerns.

People can reach out to us any time on 0800 927 837 or

Can you confirm that proposed Auckland Regional Landfill at the Dome Valley site would convert methane into energy? At the last public meeting held by Waste Management this was only discussed as a future possibility. If it was a definite it would be quite positive.

We have communicated since the first public open days were held in 2018 that we will capture over 95% of landfill gas at the proposed site and convert it to electricity. We are very proud of this world-leading technology and have explained it many times to many audiences.

We do this now at our Redvale Landfill & Energy Park and other landfills which we either own or manage. Currently we produce enough electricity to power over 23,000 homes and Waste Management is the biggest renewable energy producer in Auckland.

We have shown a number of community members this technology when they have taken up our offers to visit our Redvale and Kate Valley landfill & energy parks. You can see the process explained in our brochure which was first handed out at the open days in 2018. We have continued to share the brochure with anyone interested in learning about the proposal. The information was also contained on posters we had on display at the open days and which have also been on our dedicated project website here since.