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Media Response: Mahurangi Matters


Answers to questions

1. You say only after hazardous waste has been treated and made safe can it be disposed of at a landfill such as Waste Management’s Redvale Landfill & Energy Park. Am I right in thinking that once the Redvale landfill reaches capacity and is no longer usable, treated waste (ie non-hazardous waste) from New Caledonia will likely end up in the Auckland Regional Landfill should the landfill be built?

Yes, but not necessarily. Once treated it could be disposed of in any Class 1 landfill in New Zealand.

2. About how much treated waste from New Caledonia does WM dispose of in New Zealand landfills each year?

This information is commercially sensitive and confidential.

3. Does all the treated waste WM processes from New Caledonia end up in the Redvale landfill or does it go to other landfills as well?

Currently, all to Redvale Landfill & Energy Park but it would be acceptable for disposal at any Class 1 landfill in New Zealand.

4. Could you explain in broad terms how hazardous waste is treated? What kind of processes must it go through? What kind of guarantee is there that once it has gone through these processes it is truly safe?

If you would like to visit our Technical Services site our team can explain how we make the many types of hazardous waste created by industrial processes in New Zealand and from New Caledonia safe.

Regardless of its source, all waste must meet the waste acceptance criteria for a landfill as set by the landfill’s resource consent conditions. If the waste required treatment, the treated waste must be sampled and tested to demonstrate that it complies with the waste acceptance criteria before it can be approved for acceptance. Once deemed acceptable, the waste must be accompanied by a waste manifest on arrival at the landfill, which is checked
on entry at the weighbridge where it is recorded. This process was explained in detail during the Auckland Regional Landfill resource consent hearing. All evidence is available on line

5. Am I right in thinking Waste Management Technical Services is located at
Neales Road in East Tamaki?