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Media Response: Rodney Times / Stuff


Has Waste Management taken into account the unique geological and climatic features of the proposed site? Are they a concern - why / why not?

Yes. The geological and climatic features of the proposed site have been carefully considered by independent specialist consultants on behalf of Waste Management. Their assessments and those of other specialists in the areas of air quality, archaeology, cultural values, leachate management, noise, engineering, hydrogeology, traffic, landscape, visual, erosion and sedimentation, seismic, stormwater, waste acceptance, aquatic and terrestrial ecology have been included in Waste Management’s 2000-page Consent Application and Assessment of Environmental Effects, lodged with Auckland
Council last week.

How long is the landfill lining expected to remain viable and can you guarantee 100 per cent that it will not breach in any way? If not, how sure of it are you and why?

As a Class 1 landfill, Waste Management is proposing a liner system with several layers in accordance with WasteMINZ’s Technical Guidelines for Disposal to Land and international best practice.

The liner system will be designed and installed to provide containment for hundreds of years after the landfill stops receiving waste, by which time leachate no longer poses a risk to the environment.

The liner system will be designed for the specific geological characteristics of the location and must also be approved by consent under the Resource Management Act. Leachate does not remain within the landfill. It is contained by the liner system and continually extracted from the landfill and treated throughout the operating life as well as the 30 – 35 year aftercare period of the landfill.

Are you aware of the proposed Rahui? If it goes ahead, would it have any bearing on ARL's development?

We have seen reports in the media regarding this but are unable to comment any further than that.

Please tell me exactly where WM is in the process to establish the landfill. What is the next milestone and what was the last?
See attached media release and our website