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New Hamilton Transfer Station Now Open

New Hamilton Transfer Station Now Open

Welcome to the new Hamilton-based Waste Management Resource Recovery Park. It opened to the public at the end of last year and averages 120 vehicles and 180 tonnes of waste per day,

Some of its features include:

  • An unmanned weighbridge utilising number plate recognition technology and an automated kiosk for payment.
  • Advanced storm water management using swales, with a settling tank to remove any solids. The water then overflows into two filtration tanks, about 1.5m deep, that filter storm water before entering the nearby stream.
  • A mist cannon suppresses dust and odour.
  • Waste is monitored by a thermal camera, which detects ambient temperatures as well as the average heat of the pile to ensure safety.

Rainwater is captured from the roof and reused onsite for essential non-potable uses – such as water for the firehose. There is capacity to store 100,000 litres.

A new Community Recycling Shop will be opening in June, selling recovered and repurposed second hand goods. The community will be able to drop off unwanted items free of charge, via an undercover drive-through recycling hub. This was a hugely popular part of the old Hamilton City Council owned transfer station which was formerly managed by Waste Management.