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Our Customers - Ā Mātau Kiritaki - Q2 2020

Our Business - Tā Mātau Pakihi - Q2 2020

Managing waste and environmental services is an issue of increasing importance to our customers. Our customers want to better understand how they and their suppliers can achieve their waste goals effectively and sustainably.

Goal 1: Improve Customer Experience

Key Actions

Implement ongoing improvements in digital and service delivery solutions for our customers.

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Quarter 2 Update

New data not available at this point of the year.

Goal 2: Enhance Customers Partnerships

Key Actions

Identify opportunities to partner with customers (and others) to implement new initiatives that support their sustainability goals.

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Quarter 2 Update

A number of new initiatives have been delayed due to COVID-19 impact on the local economy and our customers.

Goal 3: Improve Digital Solutions

Key Actions

  1. Increase the number of customers using digital solutions
  2. Launch online tools to provide better information about waste for customers.

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Quarter 2 Update

  1. Proportion of orders placed through digital channels compared to the same quarter last year: 21%
  2. Online tool in the initial design phase.

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